If an employee can not work a scheduled shift, you can let them release their shifts.

  1. The staff member chooses one of their active upcoming shifts and files a request for release. The release request enters the system and it is currently pending waiting for one of the administrators to approve this request.

    Release a shift

  2. Such shifts are marked in the calendar.

    Release a shift in the calendar

    Also there is a special to-do entry for these shifts.

    To-do: checkout the list of released shifts

  3. When the shift release is approved, the staff member is unassigned from this shift and the shift becomes open.

    Confirm shift release

  4. The administrator can choose another employee to assign to this shift. Also until a new employee is assigned for the shift, it is also available for other staff members to pick up.

  5. There are a few settings that you can use to configure the behaviour of the Shift Release module.

    Shift release settings