Public Employee Schedule Calendar ShiftExec can display a calendar schedule that is publicly available. This view is just like the admin user interface which shows who is working what shift that week, but it is made read only.

This option can be useful when you would like to let your customers know who is on which shift. It will also help your employees find out when their colleagues are working, and probably ask for a shift trade if needed.

Public Calendar Settings The administrator can adjust the access level for this view. It can be set to be viewable either by

  1. Everyone: publicly accessed without signing in. This option is useful when you would like to inform your customers about your employees availability.
  2. Staff: viewable by every employee. It requires sign in, but every employee will be able to see all others shifts. Choose this option if you wish to keep your company schedule private, but still want your employees know about their coworkers shifts.
  3. Nobody: nobody can view this page so it just disables this Everyone's Schedule option