Online Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Availability

This feature is available in ShiftExec Pro.

With this availability module you can configure preferred or unavailable periods for your employees. There are several repeat options to configure such hours.

Go to the People page, then click one of the staff names to get to the staff account detail screen.

Choose employee

You'll see the current availability settings for this employee. By default, there are none, so let's add some new preferred or unavailable time.

Add new preferred or unavailable time

You can select All Day or choose specific hours.

Choose time for new preferred hours

By default, these preferred or unavailable hours will be applied to all dates, but you can select From Date and/or To Date when these settings become active.

Time and date preference for new preferred or unavailable time

Also there are a number of repeat options, for example the Weekly one to make these availability hours active on Mon and Wed only for example.

Weekly repeat option for employee availability settings

Also in Settings > Availability you can configure various conflict alert levels regarding shifts and employees availability.

Employee availability conflict level settings

So for example if employee's unavailable time overlaps a shift, such a shift will produce a conflict.

Shift conflict due to employee unavailable time