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Color Manager

This feature is available in ShiftExec Pro.

By default, shifts in ShiftExec have background color of a beautiful shade of green.

Default shift color

Although, if you need more color options, ShiftExec provides a flexible and a powerful Color Manager in Settings » Color Manager.

To add a new color option, click + New Color. Select the new color in this form.

Choose new color option for shifts

Let's for example choose a light blue shade, then click Add New Color button. This will create a new blue color for us.

Right now, this new blue color simply overrides our default green one.

New default shift color

Not so exciting, but it can get a lot more flexible than that. For example, we want only Barista shifts get the blue color. In Settings » Color Manager choose this color, then click + New Condition.

Add condition for the shift color

It'll display the new color condition form. We'll need to choose the following options:

For our simple example, we'll create the following condition:

position.title = Barista

Color condition form

In Settings » Color Manager we'll see that the blue color now has a condition that we should have to apply the color.

Conditional shift color

Let's check out the shifts list.

Various colors for different shift positions

It works, the Barista shift is now painted blue while other shifts get the default green color.