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Configuring Employees

ShiftExec lets you manage the list of people who can work in your shifts. To define that a person can be assigned to a shift, you'll need to mark such persons as Employee.

Add New Employee

To add a new employee, click the People link in the main menu, then Add New. You'll need to specify the person full name and contact details, as well as the new user password.

Add new employee

After the new user is created, you'll need to define in which combination of business terms like positions and locations they can be assigned as employee.

Edit Employee Capability

In the user detail screen, scroll to Employee section, then click Make Employee.

Link to edit employee capability

In the next screen you can assign the user to be able to work as employee in selected combinations of business terms. In the following example we marked Alice as capable of working as Barista in all locations we currently have.

Assign employee to positions and locations

Now in the employee detail screen you can see the capabilities that they currently have. You can always adjust these settings by clicking Edit Capability.

Current employee capabilities

Edit Employees For Business Term

So far we considered how to assign a certain user as employee to a set of business terms. We can also manage these associations from the other side of the connection link. We can choose which users can be assigned as staff members for a certain business term, for example for the Barista position.

Go to the detail screen of the business term (position, location, skill etc): Settings, Business Terms, Barista.

Available employees for this position

You will see the current list of staff members capable of working in this position. Click Edit.

Edit employee to business term capability associations

In this form you can choose which staff members are capable to work with this business term, for example position, skill or location. If you have more than one business category, just like we have Position and Location, you can select combinations of the employee and business terms from other categories.

As you can see, ShiftExec is very flexible in configuration and with our feature of business categories and terms you can configure this staff scheduling application to closely match your business structure.

About ShiftExec

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