Version 2.1.0

Sun, 12 Jan 2014

  • BUG: Email notification was not sent when a single shift was published

    Email notification only got sent to an employee if the admin made all draft shifts active in one action. If an individual employee was made shift active (through the Ajax call) it did not send the notification email out.

  • No need to show the location title if just one location is configured

    If you have only one location then you probably do not need the function to display the location/position title in the employee shifts calendar. It also makes adding new shifts faster because the shift form defaults to the only location.

  • Shift comments in the calendar view

    The shift comments function is a really important feature. Before this version update the comments were hidden away under the Edit > Notes menu. Now ShiftExec employee scheduling script displays the comments icon in the employee shifts calendar view, and shows the notes text in a tooltip.

    Shift Comments In Calendar View

  • Archived employees are not displayed in the dropdown list when creating or editing shifts

    Before this version update, when you archived an employee, that employee was still displayed when you were creating a new shift or editing an existing one. Obviously, this was not the way it should be. Now the archived employees do not appear when adding a new shift.

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Download the latest version package file, unzip it on your computer, and upload everything to your site again. That's all!

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