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Custom colors Pro

This feature is available in ShiftExec Pro.

Customize your shifts and time off color depending on their attributes.

By default, shifts in ShiftExec have background color of a beautiful shade of green.

Default shift color

Although, if you need more color options, this add-on provides flexible and powerful options to define custom colors.

Activate Custom Colors add-on.

Activate the add-on

To add a new color option, go to Custom colors » Add new.

Select the new color in this form, let's for example choose a light blue shade.

Choose a new custom color

Then choose which shift types or time off types this new color setting should be applied on. For example, let's choose the Barista shift type.

Apply the new color setting to a certain shift type

Click Save. Now we have a new custom color option that should be used to distinguish the Barista shifts.

A custom color setting valid for certain shift types

Now in the schedule view we can easily distinguish shifts of different types by their color.

The schedule view with custom color settings

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