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Get your web-based employee scheduling application up and running in minutes. Select a license that best fits your needs.

Please note: ShiftExec is a PHP and MySQL based online employee scheduling software that is installed on a website. You will need to have your own website that supports PHP 5.6. Most web hosting packages do meet these simple requirements. Before ordering ShiftExec Pro, please make sure that the free ShiftExec version has no technical issues running on your site.

ShiftExec Pro


  • All pro add-ons
  • Support for 1 site (through a ticketing support system)
  • 1 year of version updates

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ShiftExec Free


  • No pro add-ons
  • Limited support
  • Link back to us is required


After your purchase you will get your license activation code. Please go to the customers download area, type in your license code and download the Pro package.

How does license work?

The license is a perpetual license. One license key allows you to use the software indefinitely. You are also eligible for 1, 2 or 5 years of free updates (depending on your license).

If you don't want to renew your license after the initial years, you can continue to use the last version of ShiftExec Pro that you have for as long as you want. Or you can renew your license with a discount for another 1, 2 or 5 year of updates and support.

Pro add-ons

Each paid version includes the following add-ons to help you create the most flexible rota scheduling system on your company website.

Copy schedule

Copy the full schedule from a previous date range.

Custom colors

Color code your shifts and time off based on various conditions.

Custom fields

Create additional fields to keep custom information about your shifts and time off.

Free version

We provide a free version to download and install on your site. The free version misses those nice Pro features but otherwise it's completely functional and provides a great way to check if our product is going to work for you.

Download nowFree version

If you liked the free version and decided to upgrade to one of the paid options, the upgrade process is very simple. Just upload all the files to your site again and it'll work fine. Your data that you had with the free version will seamlessly be available in the Pro version too.

Refund policy

We value customer satisfaction and thus provide free versions of our products to evaluate the software before making a purchase. We strongly encourage everyone to download the free version, try it on the site you intend to use it on, and ensure that you are completely happy with the product: it suits your needs, your level of expertise, and your sites and device(s).

If you're not happy for any reason with your software purchase, you can contact us within 15 days of purchase and request a full refund. We just kindly ask that you contact support first to try resolving any issues if that's the reason for your refund request.

Due to expenses involved in payment processing we do not provide refunds after 15 days of purchase unless there is a technical problem with our software that could not be resolved by our technical support.

Questions? We have answers.

If what you're after isn't covered here, don't hesitate to contact us!

Where can I find my license keys?

Your license keys were included in your original purchase order email. You can also get them to your email again if you visit our customer center. If it does not help please submit a support request and we'll re-send them.

How do I install the Pro version?

Please have a look at this guide.

How do I get and install software updates?

Currently we kindly ask you to get the latest version from your personal download link from your purchase order email and upload the updated code to your site through FTP. If you lost the download link, please get it again to your email from our customer center. In future we'll try to add an automatic update function so your version of the employee scheduling software will be updated automatically as we publish new versions.

How many websites can I install this software on?

It depends on the plan you purchase, please review the descriptions above. It is also included in the license text in the purchased package.

What are the hosting requirements?

The server requirements for our software are a bare minimum of PHP 5.6 and MySQL 4.1 in order to function properly. Most web hosting packages do meet these simple requirements.

Can I purchase a Pro license now and upgrade to a higher license later?

Yes sure! Simply purchase the upgraded license and we'll refund the original purchase price to you. Just submit a support request for the refund.

What do I get for renewing my license key?

Renewing your license provides the peace of mind with an additional year of support and updates that ensure PHP compatibility. You'll also receive new features and enhancements as they added.

Will my Pro version stop working when my license expires?

It should work just fine unless PHP makes a major change to their core. However, you'll need to renew to continue getting support and software updates.