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This feature is available in ShiftExec Pro.

With this add-on you can create additional fields to keep custom information about your shifts and time off. For each custom field you can configure which shift or time off type it is applied to that allows you to have different information for various kinds of work and vacation.

Create a new custom field

Go to the main menu, then click Custom fields, then click Add new.

Custom fields

Click Add new.

Add a new custom field

Various kinds of input fields are provided, such as Text, Yes/no and others. Choose the new field type.

Various types of custom fields

Depending on the field type, there could be additional details about the custom field. Also there is a set of properties common to all kinds of custom fields.

You can define which shift and time off types you will use this field for.

Types of shift and time off for the custom field

View and edit custom field content

When you open a shift or a time off detail screen and this shift/time off type has a custom field, you will be able to view and edit this field content.

Click the Edit link to change the field content.

Edit custom field content

In the shift/time off detail screen you can see the custom field content.

View custom field content

Custom fields validation

You can provide various validation rules for your custom fields. The set of available validation rules will depend on the field type. Also there are common validation options that can be applied to the fields of all types.

Go to Custom fields, click on a custom field, then go to the Validation tab.

Validation rules for shift custom fields

Click Add new to create a new validation rule. You will neew to select the validation type, for example Required field, then provide an error message if the validation fails.

New input validator with a custom error message

Now this validation rule will check the custom field content.

The input validation rule checks the field content

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