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Manage time off

Time off management is an essential part of a shift scheduling application, and ShiftExec comes with a module to manage various kinds of time off for your employees, like vacation days, sick leave, personal time, holidays, parental leave, voting time, jury duty and more.

Create Time Off

To create a new time off entry, simply click the main menu item Time Off, then Create New.

You can select the Duration property of the new time off.

New time off form

Then you can choose one or more staff members if you want to create personal time off. Or choose the Company Time Off to create a time off time that will be applied for the entire company, for all employees.

Choose employee for time off

List Time Off

After you created one or more time off records for your staff members, you will also need to review them later and perhaps change some of the entries.

Go to the time off list by clicking the main menu item Time Off. You will see the list of the current time off records. You can filter the list by choosing the start and end dates. After clicking on a time off title, you will get to the time off detail screen.

Select start and end time to filter time off list

Time Off In Schedule

Apart from the dedicated page for time off listing, you can also view your current time off entries in the schedule view too. When you group the schedule view by employee, there will be time off slots in respective calendar cells.

Display a time off in schedule calendar view

Time Off Conflict

Similar to shifts, our shift scheduling application also automatically checks vacation and holidays for potential conflicts. When there is an overlap of a time off with a shift, the system will raise a conflict that will be instantly visible in the calendar and list views.

Shift and time off overlap produces a conflict in schedule view

Change Time Off

From the time off detail screen, you can change the time off detail, like start or end time or dates, switch the time off status from Draft to Published or vice versa.

Change current time off details like status or time and date

After choosing new time or date you can confirm your selection or discard the changes.

Confirm new time for the time off entry

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